Featuring Annie-j N’goran & Lara Aimee photographed by  Michel Keppens
Makeup Eline Deblauwe
Hair Julie Dupont
Jewellery EbbenGouD
Shoes Adult.Official
Studio fotostudio22


Duality is the Universe’s perception of its little wonders. I could look to the sky and see the ground, I could look to the ground and see the ocean.

So above and below
Black and White

All merging for a duality I never asked, but the Universe is guiding us back to our roots in times of uncertainty. It reminds us that duality is not innate; it requires our nurturing, embracing both light and darkness.

Both Ying and Yang
Both Life and Death
The ideal touch

Light becomes dark and dark becomes light, transcending past creative mind.

It’s the perfect coalition, turning into an entire. the same substance, the same shape, and soul, however, they can obliterate one another.

Almost, like in reality. It just… doesn’t exist.

We are brought into the world as free spirits. Unadulterated light, and energy.

How can we neglect the essence of love?

Have you experienced that delicate state of equilibrium, suspended between dreams and reality? The uncertainty and vulnerability that permeate the real world?

This is the essence of our existence, an eternal dance of deception.

Yearning for perfection, we find ourselves far from its grasp, we are complex beings, embodying duality. But it is in embracing this complexity that we unlock the true beauty of our existence. Within the delicate interaction of light and dark, we discover our authentic selves, navigating the endless depths of our being.