Graphic Illustrations

Empath x Ariadna Mladen

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, I found new ways to express my creativity. With closures all around, I ventured into graphic illustration, a long-standing passion. It was during this time that Empath, a sustainable brand deeply connected to nature, approached me with an inspiring concept. Thus, our collaboration was born. commitment to organic cotton and sustainability resonated with me. Inspired by elements of nature, sports, and travel, I designed collections that embody the beauty of our surroundings.

Rakata x Ariadna Mladen

`Burning Sun` is my representation of getting lost in nature, once the sun goes down.

In these dark times we are living now, we have to keep looking for the light and colors of life, that bring people together.

When the sun goes down, we are all the same. I love this vision of Rakata and everything they believe in convinced me to be part of this community. Their mission is driven by inclusion, embracing diversity and unity.