A ballerina knelt in the proximity of TIME
She took perfect steps toward infinity
She touched perfection with her BODY…of essence
BALLERINA flew within…herself
Then she uttered wordless prayers, only through FORBIDDEN MOVEMENTS
The MANIFESTO of ballerinas is one: flight…partial flight…
Does anyone dare to attempt the GREAT FLIGHT?

From the tender age of 4 to 18, dance held a special place in my heart, leaving a mark on my soul. It became my mission to fuse my two passions – fabrics and movements – into a captivating narrative. Inspired by the elegance and strength of dancers and their ability to disconnect from the world during performances, Manifest was born.

In November 2016, I embarked on this cherished project, never anticipating the incredible journey it would become. Fortunate enough to collaborate with talented artists from across the globe, we collectively crafted emotions and witnessed their grace in my garments. Dancers, photographers, and the rest of the creative team united, primarily in Europe, for this extraordinary endeavor that ended in 2019.

Featuring Ines Joseph photographed by Melika Dez

Makeup & Hair Anne Pagis

Paris, France.

Featuring Alisa Uzunova photographed by Bogdan Catargiu BCatelier

Makeup & Hair Mirry Degeratu

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Featuring Vaïa Venetis photographed by Dave Groennesby

Makeup Jenske Szkudlarski

Hair Julie Dupont

Ghent, Belgium

Featuring Aysel Mustafazade photographed by Dave Groennesby


Featuring Amy Van Weert photographed by Octavian Carare

Antwerpen, Belgium

Featuring Finne Van der Auwera photographed by Octavian Carare

Antwerpen, Belgium

Featuring Elke Brams photograped by Léopold Titan

Makeup & Hair Isabel Tsv Miala

Villers-La-Ville, Brabant, Belgium

Featuring Kelly Vanneste photographed by Nikki Lucy

Makeup & Hair Lindsay de Goeyse

The Netherlands