Featuring Michelle Warneke & Arina Yalaletdinova photographed by  Michel Keppens

Makeup Jenske Szkudlarski

Hair Julie Dupont

Dance has always been my first love. Starting very young, I pursued it passionately until I shifted my focus to fashion. However, it still holds a special place in my heart. The connection I feel with music is indescribable—I set my mind free, transcending reality, and losing myself in the universe.

Moving to Belgium marked a difficult period, where I realised the immense value of my work as a fashion designer. Combining my passions, I drew inspiration from the captivating Anna Pavlova to create a special collection that exuded grace and playfulness. “Manifest” is more than a fashion collection; it’s a project that connects people. Through collaboration with diverse dancers, I witnessed their unique stories and shared passion. Each dancer wore her own tale, evoking unstoppable emotions and vibrations. With my garments, I aimed to maintain my signature style while playing with volumes, fabrics, and transparency, allowing freedom and versatile shapes to emerge.

This fashion campaign marks the end of the “Manifest” project, bringing it all together and capturing its essence in a final expression. Explore the complete journey of the project in the “Stories” category.