Featuring Ioana & Madalina photographed by  Mihaela Noroc

Makeup & Hair Alexandra Ghimpeteanu
Shoes IL Passo

The “Whole” collection emerged from the exploration of the individual-collective relationship. I drew inspiration from architectural initiatives, both theoretical concepts and suspended projects, and translated them into fashion. This allowed me to showcase the connection between Fashion and Architecture. Just as systematic interventions shape architectural plans, I applied controlled lengths and layered constructions in garment production. My protagonist embodies not only a physical presence but also an ongoing dialogue between the inner and outer realms. They assume responsibility for the gradual transformations within their immediate environment. Each element serves as both a cognition and a limitation, influencing the entire process. Thus, the individual generates the functioning principles of the whole, evolving within the present context. The collection features minimalist and clean silhouettes with strong masculine influences, shaping the female figure and breaking down gender boundaries by creating an androgynous aesthetic.